The Tugboat Ultra Disposable 6000 puffs has a stunning and elegant appearance due to the substantial amount of stylish covering. It is cozy, light, and very portable. Using 15ml of e-juice with 5 percent nicotine salt, it offers up to 6000 puffs while guiding your taste buds to satisfy their cravings. It is straightforward to dispose of it after use because it is pre-filled, pre-charged, and rechargeable. Vaping is done directly through the mouthpiece. The Tugboat Ultra Disposable Vape is our newest and most advanced product. With a 15ml capacity, 6000 puffs, and a rechargeable Type-C battery, this vape is the last one you’ll ever need.

The equipment is entirely independent and requires no maintenance. Since we have a close working relationship with the manufacturer of those items, we only keep genuine, authorized items on file. Only the most popular original Tugboat disposables are still available. These one-time-use gadgets are small, light, and exquisitely made. You can purchase the goods you want from our vape shop in Dubai without exceeding your spending limit.


Simple detail-oriented attention is necessary to prevent falls and mechanical injuries. The business uses disposable technology that doesn’t require charging or liquid refilling to function. A robust and refillable cartridge and a fully charged battery are included. An LED indicator on the enclosure makes it simple to keep track of the status. Using a disposable vaporizer from Tugboat is more straightforward and safer than a regular cigarette. You can quickly obtain the required nicotine dosage with the device’s help without compromising your health.


Tugboat Disposable vapes have a straightforward and practical design and come in a variety of flavors. For those who enjoy the strongest tobacco flavors, there are models available. They come in conventional and unusual flavor combinations with fruity, berry, and refreshing undertones. Don’t be afraid to experiment; look through the Tugboat selection to find the ideal gadget! Last but not least, disposable vapes are perfect for those who are new to vaping or need a quick hit while on the go. We suggest purchasing the disposable Tugboat device if you want to stop smoking and find that vaping is effective for you.


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