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There are 4500 puffs on the Tugboat EVO 4500


The Tugboat Evo 4500 puffs disposable vape device contains an 850mAh built-in battery, which boosts the device’s stability and lifespan. Because the vape pen holds 10ml of e-liquid, you can choose between the sweet or sour flavor. The Tugboat Evo disposable vape offers great stability and longevity, making it the perfect disposable battery for use in watercraft. It also has a low internal resistance, which improves energy transfer efficiency.

Tugboat is a single-use electronic cigarette that contains salt nicotine. It has a firing mechanism, is pre-charged, and is drawn-activated. The unique draw-activation firing mechanism activates when you draw on the disposable Tugboat EVO e-cigarette. The EVO is a disposable electronic cigarette designed for usage with salt nicotine as a result. The durable Tugboat single-use item was created using the glass etching technique. The Tugboat is built using a durable device and glass etching technology.


Tugboat Disposable vapes come with a heating coil, fluid cartridge, and a high-power battery. There are no buttons on this one-time-use device, which is operated by inhalation. These mechanical gadgets are turned on by a puff of air. Air moves through the battery as you breathe in, turning on the sensors. As the liquid heats, the vapor is released. Once you have finished charging or juicing the device, changing or refreshing the batteries is no longer necessary. Nothing but safety precautions against mechanical harm and falls. They come with a long-lasting refillable cartridge and a fully charged battery. An LED indicator on the enclosure makes status monitoring possible.

vape shop in dubai


Tugboat disposable vaporizer use is more practical and secure than regular cigarette use. You may easily achieve the required nicotine dosage with the device’s help without endangering your health. The Tugboat is intended to be portable and imitates the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette without tobacco. Smoking is permitted in enclosed places because the gadget doesn’t produce any combustion products, and the vapor isn’t sufficiently dense to set off the fire system’s detectors. It is important to remember that using the gadget produces varying amounts of vapor, and not everyone nearby may find it agreeable. Even if it doesn’t smell unpleasant, it’s a good idea to find out how the item is used if you aren’t the only person in the room.


Tugboat disposable vapes are available for purchase at our vape shop in Dubai. The company’s most popular and latest product lines are included in the catalog. We exclusively carry genuine Tugboat brand products from the most popular series in our store. The vape shop in Dubai has everything you’ll need to enjoy your vaping experience. We provide everything of the best caliber under one roof to make it simpler to choose what you need. It takes a good collection to select the right vaping supplies and liquids. We provide the most innovative, premium vape products to fulfill your smoking needs. Your vaping experience will be fantastic if you use our goods. Excellent online vapes are available in our various categories of vape products, ready to be delivered to your house and provide you with a wonderful experience.

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