The UWELL CALIBURN G2 consists of:


The Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod System has a 2mL refillable pod with a maximum output of 18W. It is a small, portable pod system. A substantial 750 mAh battery is housed within the ultra-slim and light Uwell Caliburn g2 aluminum alloy body. By checking the window to fill your vape juice, you might prevent receiving a dry hit. It is suited for MTL and constrained DTL vaping because of its pre-installed meshed-H 1.2-ohm coil for uniform heating.

It’s noteworthy that it uses Pro-FOCS technology for excellent flavor and taste restoration. It is ideal for refilling while traveling because of its top-filling design and adjustable airflow.


Remove the mouthpiece to refill the top-filling pods easily. You may choose between tight and relaxed inhalation with these pods by adjusting the airflow wheel. Nic salts are frequently used because they have a soothing impact on the throat. If you favor MTL vaping, this one has a better draw and throat hit than the Caliburn G. Depending on the liquid you use and how frequently you vape during the day, the G2 pods will last a few weeks. A 20 to 25 mL coil should last unless your e-liquid is delicious. Please wait five minutes after filling your pod and inserting it into the machine before blasting. This lessens the chance of coil burn and enables the e-liquid to soak the wick thoroughly.


The 690mAh battery, gorgeous boards, and compatibility with the Caliburn-G Pods and Coil Series are all aspects of the Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Dubai Pod System. The ergonomic and practical skeleton of the Caliburn KOKO Prime is constructed of a robust zinc composition. It is conveniently sized to fit in the hand, pocket, purse, or book bag. The Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Dubai comes with the 2mL refillable case from the Caliburn G. Caliburn G Coils are used in the 0.8ohm Fit Curl to produce excellent taste and vapor. It contains an extra 1.0-ohm FeCrAl loop for people who like MTL vaping and desires more flavor options. Long-lasting power is provided by the integrated 690mAh battery in the Caliburn KOKO Prime, which can be charged through a Type-C USB connector.


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