Smoking Vs Vaping …. Which is Safer?

When we smoke a cigarette, there are thousands of Chemicals released. Cigarettes contain many chemicals which are poisonous and can cause 70 cancers.

Toxins in cigarettes can cause lung disease, heart disease and many other serious illnesses.

Vape does not contain Carbon Monoxide and Tar. That’s why Vaping is far less toxic than Cigarette smoking.


Cigarettes contain more than 7,000 chemicals and there are around 600 ingredients on them. At least 69 of these chemicals are found in consumer products

.Acetone—found in nail polish remover

Acetic acid—an ingredient in hair dye

Ammonia—a common household cleaner

Arsenic—used in rat poison

Benzene—found in rubber cement and gasoline

Butane—used in lighter fluid

Cadmium—active component in battery acid

Carbon monoxide—released in car exhaust fumes

Formaldehyde—embalming fluid

Hexamine—found in barbecue lighter fluid

Lead—used in batteries

Naphthalene—an ingredient in mothballs

Methanol—a main component in rocket fuel

Nicotine—used as an insecticide

Tar—material for paving roads

Toluene—used to manufacture paint

Smoking Causes:

  • Every organ in the body is damaged by smoking.
  • Approximtly 480,000 deaths in US
  • 90% lung cancer is recorded
  • 80% of deaths from chronic  obstruction

  –   Pulmonary disease

Long term effects of smoking:

  •  Increases the risk of pregnancy 
  •  Increases the risk of Cataracts
  • Increases the risk of general inflammation
  • Increases the risk of a stroke.


  • Vaping contains several chemicals.
  • When we vape, we breathe in an aerosol that contains several chemicals.
  • Teenagers are getting attracted towards Vaping.
  • It is not true that many people believe that Vaping is safer than smoking.

If you took the decision to kick a smoking habit, electronic cigarettes could be a good solution; however there is not a confirmed research that using e-cigarettes stops the smoking,

But it is clear that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

Blaha says” there’s almost no doubt that Vaping exposes you to fewer toxic chemicals than Smoking”.

Researchers at King’s College London said “ Smokers who switched to vaping would experience a “substantial reduction” in their exposure

to toxic substances that cause Cancer,Lung and Cardiovascular disease but they strongly urged non smokers not to take up either habit.

Ann McNeill, a professor of Tobacco.addiction at King’s said ” Vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking in the short to medium term

However, this does not mean Vaping is risk free.

E.cigarettes contains three main components:

-Flavors like notes of Vanilla or Berries and herbal notes.

-Sweeteners include sucralose and ethyl maltol.

-Solvents are used to dissolve either Nicotine or Marijuana.

All those ingredients are recognized as safe

The aerosol of E-cigarettes is produced by heating with metal coils , those metals can be composed of a variety of Iron, chromium and aluminum.

A Johns Hopkins study in 2018 found those metals leach into Vaping aerosol at dangerous levels.

4-Control over vapor output:

In Vaping,you can control the amount of vapor you exhale,some vapers like smaller devices for example pod vapes with small amount of smoke and others prefer high-powered mods with cloud smoke

 The power output, airflow, and coil give the opportunity to control your vapor volume and impact the flavor too.

5- Flavors for every palate

   You can choose endless flavor options from e-juice.

   The most popular flavors are fruit, dessert, beverages, mint, menthol, and tobacco plus you can make your own vape juice.

6-Instant satisfaction:

  There are lots of advanced vapes that come pre-filled and ready to use in spite of others that may require initial tinkering (some have an automatic draw),        either way,it’s very simple to use the vapes once it’s ready.

All vaping devices to continue working need a charged battery and e-juice.

You can use the vape throughout the day without maintenance. 

7-  Price points for every wallet: 

    The vaping market is very wide and competitive with a reasonable price and lots of products starting from 10 dollars to hundreds so any user can buy it.

    so there is a vape out there if you want a simple disposable e-cig, or sophisticated vape mod and premium e-liquid.

8-  No experience needed:

    As there is not an experience needed so you can make a hobby of collecting vapin gear while learning how to build your own coils, also between starter kits and simple pod vapes, there are a huge amount of quality vaping products.

 9- Access and availability:

    Now, it’s very easy to find good vapor products in vape shops, convenience stores,gas stations and even smoke shops and online vape shops.

9 pros and cons of Vaping

Vaping is safer than smoking

Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, this study is confirmed by the British Royal College of Physicians, Public Health England ,Engineering,Medicine and Americain National Academies of Sciences.
Vaping is 95% less harmful stated by PHE,this percentage because the vaping does not have a combustion and smoke,meantime the tar and the carbon monoxide,
These two ingredients lead to the majority of the long term health damage from smoking.
So the benefits to stop smoking are improved by many issues:Lung and Heart function, better senses of smell and taste.

No noxious odors:

  • The biggest advantages of Vaping is that there will be no smell in your car, house and clothes as well it has an aroma.
  • There is no smell in tobacco -flavored vapes like burning tobacco.
  • The vapor smell is barely noticeable in public.

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